Watch Politicians Crack Jokes!
October 17, 2008

With the election looming a mere 17 days away (OBAMA! OBAMA!), the candidates got together last night at the Al Smith dinner to crack jokes about each other and politics. They’re both very funny. Case in point: Obama:

There’s a Jesus joke in there. And a superman one. Oh my.

And, of course, McCain:


WTF Is Wrong With Toy Manufacturers?!
September 30, 2008

K and I agree that the following commercial (originally viewed by us on FailBlog, of course) is among the weirdest and most distburing commercials we’ve ever seen. And we grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, kids.

(Warning: Slightly explicit. That’s right. It’s a children’s toy, and it’s kinda explicit!)

What. The. FUCK?!


That Ain’t Mouthwash, Y’all
September 18, 2008

Gawker called the following ad (from Belgium), “perhaps the single best piece of televised sex ed [they’ve] ever seen.” I find myself agreeing with them. Great ad, great message.

And for the worrywarts, it is NOT EXPLICIT.


Breakin’ For Jesus
September 18, 2008

It is with true regret that I tell you that I cannot embed this video on my blog for glorious and easy viewing. Instead, you will have to CLICK THIS LINK to get to the The Way International Chruch (of Ohio)’s website to view the amazing, jaw-dropping, and inspiring dance moves of fundamentalist Christians.

That’s right. These girls (and guy) are breakin’ for Jesus. And that’s not a joke, or a euphamism.

Seriously? This is awesome.


Oh, and if you wait for the dance breat about 3/4 of the way through, you will not be disappointed.


This Will Stay With Me Forever
September 17, 2008

Sorry, kids! (All, like, 3 of you). S was out yesterday because she got a really, really bad cold. So bad she thought it was something more serious. So while she sat at home and slept and sneezed and coughed and hovered above cups of steaming tea so that she could just breathe through her nose already, god!!, K sat at work and sent her this:

She doesn’t know where he found it, or why he found it, or why he sent it to her, other than it is the weirdest, creepiest thing either of them has ever seen on the internets.

Also, the song is stuck in her head now.

And she can see the video behind her eyes.

She expects some lovely fever dreams tonight.


K Knows Me, and Knows Me Well
September 10, 2008


Look, I Never Intended To Like Rachel Zoe…
August 6, 2008

Ok, so Rachel Zoe is kinda annoying and weird, right? I mean, she’s anorexically thin, tanned to a fine leather, weirdly wrinkly for her age, and has thrust upon us some of the more annoying fashion trends of the last 7 or so years. But here’s the thing. She filmed a reality show for Bravo. And some of it leaked. You can watch 21 minutes of leakage HERE. And at the end of it, I challenge you not to agree:

She actually seems kinda… cool.

Or maybe really cool. And she certainly does keep a lot of awesome clothes around. And I love clothes. And I love to shop. So maybe we have more in common than I thought.

But the thing of it is, she seems like a reasonable and nice person who genuinely loves what she does. And she doesn’t even treat her staff like crap!

Dammit, Rachel Zoe. We were s’pposed to remain enemies forever!


This Kid’s Never Gonna Live This Down
July 31, 2008

Also, Mom & Dad: Don’t let your 11-year-old kid sing “Touch My Body” on the Internet. Really. For his sake and yours.


Rocky Cat!
July 31, 2008