Good Morning, Oliver Stone
July 28, 2008

The first email I get this morning from K has this in it:

That’s “W.” the new Oliver Stone movie, another effort by a guy who was once a pretty awesome director to destroy his own reputation. Oh, I don’t know, I’m cranky because it hurts to focus my eyes this morning. Not enough sleep, probably, or too much, or Monday, it’s all too hard to sort.

Perhaps it’s because this movie is coming so soon on the heels of this disaster of a presidency that I have such a bad taste in my mouth about it. Stone’s allowing no time for reflection, for the absolute travesty that the past eight years have been to sink into the national psyche before sending yet another image of Bush-As-Party-Boy into the world. Because the real injustice of this administration is not that some partying rich playboy made it into office — that’s happened numerous times in our history, and will happen over and over again. No, the injustice is that once he was in he wasn’t held accountable for anything he did, and all he did was screw over his own nation again and again. An egotistical little monkey playing games with himself and throwing his feces in our faces.

This man doesn’t deserve some ridiculous biopic. He deserves a criminal trial.

Less than six months now. Hopefully he’ll get one.