Travels and Losses
September 15, 2008

So S went to the idyllic town of Ithaca, NY, for the weekend to visit her sister A, and damned if David Foster Wallace didn’t off himself over the same weekend. Ithaca was absolutely beautiful and wonderful; coming home to this news was a real downer.

Sigh. It’s too sad. With each dying author, so dies the words themselves. And David Foster Wallace was very, very good with words.

I didn’t know him, though I did read him, so I believe I’ll let those who knew the man mourn him and I will go back and enjoy his work all over again. Perhaps the only consolation when a great writer or artist is lost is that, though they may not make anything for us ever again, they have given many, many things for us to enjoy for the rest of time.

So, then, some links:

The Uncollected DFW — this site has links to a handful of uncollected pieces Wallace did. They’re readable for free, unlike the rest of his ouvre, so go go go!

2005 Kenyon Commencement Speech — this was collected in the 2006 Best American NonRequired Reading, but thank goodness it’s available for free. One of the best commencement speeches, those lucky Kenyon kids. We got a crown prince at my graduation, but he wasn’t nearly as entertaining or insightful.