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This Guy is Clearly A Retard (Email from K, 8:55 a.m.)
August 22, 2008

K: Look at this.


“You gotta understand,” said Worley. “I lived through the Beatles era and saw them perform live many times, so I think I’ve earned the right to speak on the subject.”

Um. No. You clearly have not.

“Keep in mind the Beatles were together 10 years but much of their success hinged on the mystique surrounding them.”

Um. No. Actually, the Beatles’ seeming accessibility to — despite their actual distance from — their fans is a great reason why they out-populared other bands of the time.

“If you have ever been to a JoBros show you would know what I mean,” he said. “They electrify the crowd with their performance in an almost supernatural fashion. Now John Lennon and McCartney were good, but they just lacked that connection with their audience.”

Um. No. You have clearly never ACTUALLY been to a Beatles concert, Weird Guy. I’d be happy to lend you my copy of the Anthology to help you along.

“People argue with me all the time,” said Worley. “They say a 68 year old man shouldn’t even be going to a Jonas Brother show. I fire right back at them that I will go where I want and that’s to see the greatest band ever assembled, the Jonas Brothers. If they persist in giving me a hard time I kindly tell them to keep their opinions to themselves.”

I think that hits on exactly where he’s so very, very wrong (aside from all the other ways he’s so very, very wrong): The Beatles were not an “assembled” band. They were a band-band. They made themselves. All by themselves.

Also, I would like to reiterate his own sentiment back at him: Please, for the love of god, Weird Guy, KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.

K: pedophile.

S: Ha!


Details, Details
July 31, 2008

HONG KONG — More than 1,000 Chinese earthquake victims and a New York lawyer are demanding a $1 billion payout from Sharon Stone — or maybe just an apology, the New York Post reports.

Not that there’s much difference between $1 billion and an apology, NY Post. Keep up the excellent journalism.



Thanks for the Heart Attack, Showtime
July 29, 2008

So I go over to the Onion AV Club TV Club section this morning because I do it all the time, especially now that they’re recapping/reviewing old episodes of Buffy and X-Files (I have a TV recap addiction which started back in the late 90s when I discovered Mighty Big TV, now known as Television Without Pity), and I see the above picture under their Weeds recap, and the first thing I think is:

Oh my god, A REAL TELEVISION SHOW HIRED HEIDI MONTAG! The world is ending!

Then I realize it’s not her, and am relieved. But thanks, Showtime, I needed an outrage-induced heart attack at 9:38 a.m.


July 29, 2008

So now-a-days everyone gets to claim to be a fashion designer as long as they take a Sharpee and draw on a t-shirt. And, frankly, I don’t really know who this blonde chick whose “label” this is (let’s not talk about the unfortunate fate of ANTM winners CariDee and Jaslene being pulled into this, ok? Their fate is sad enough already), except that she has big fake titties and was on some reality show to make a girl group which featured one girl who was like a miniature, brunette Christina Aguilera (from voice to face, I swearz it), but I have a question for her:

Can you really call yourself a fashion designer if all you do is make incredibly ugly things for people to put in/wrap around their hair?

No, I don’t think so.