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K and S Will Be Scarce ‘Round These Parts…
August 11, 2008

I genuinely bemoan the irony that I started this blog a mere week or two before getting the biggest workload of my entire time here at this place that I work. It is non-stop preparation for a trial, and then the trial itself, so posts will be few and far between. I am so sorry, mostly because I already sincerely miss my internets time.

But, just so you know, things I really, really care about this week are:

That’s right. The Olympics are here, and it be time for WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS. Last night’s qualifying round gave me several heart attacks (NASTIA DOES NOT FALL ON BARS, OK? SHE JUST DOESN’T. No more fucking up!!!), and the finals should be even better. So, yeah. Working too hard at work, sitting obsessively in front of Olympic sports at home. I’m a nerd.

Also: the relay? AMAZING. Suck it, Frenchies!