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Chia Mammoth!
December 3, 2008


K: Why is this Wooly Mammoth 600 feet tall?

S: That’s my fault. Before it was really small, and I thought it was a dying Chia Pet and so I gave it MiracleGro. Oops.

Election Day!
November 4, 2008

S and K say “VOTE FOR OBAMA!” I doubt you’re surprised, if you’ve looked at this blog over any period of time.

The only way to bear this day is to laugh through it. Or be totally appalled:

S: 128700564682753362

K: By the way, is that Sarah Palin signing the sign?

S: Yes.

K: What the fuck?

S: Yes.

Email to K, 3:26 p.m.
October 9, 2008

S: Everytime I open my main email screen, I see ClooneyNips!

K: That’s good, right?

S: Yes 🙂

October 8, 2008

That is all.


We Cannot Make This Shit Up: Email From K, 12:34 p.m.
October 7, 2008

K: A finnish bread product:

(Can you see now why I’m so despondent when he’s not around?)


My Eyes! (Email to K, 11:19 a.m.)
October 7, 2008

S: I apologize to your eyes in advance:

But if mine had to suffer, yours did too.

K: Now we know why Kurt killed himself.

Sarah Palin Dominates Our Emails, 10:58 a.m.
October 3, 2008

S: Sarah Palin has an ugly wink face.

K: She looks like she squeezing out a fart.

Funny Cats (and Stuff)
September 23, 2008

You guuuuuuuys! I miss K. I’m bored. Really bored. Really, really, really bored. And I have no P.I.C. to play with! Also, I’m jealous of his Vicodin-induced coma right now. But not the pain, bruising or swelling he will eventually wake up to. K! Come baaaaack!

This is about the time of day I inundate him with funny cat pictures. Well, now YOU, dear viewers, get to look at funny cats! (And funny dogs. And maybe funny politicians.)

(Sorry for all the linking and tabs. Credit where credit is…, etc.)

more animals

more animals

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(OHHH!!! K!!! MY STICK! DO YOU REMEMBER MY STICK?! Oh, I was so cruel to that stick…)

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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Email from K, 8:56 a.m., Scientology Protest Edition
September 19, 2008

K: The sign in the middle may be the best protest sign I’ve ever seen.


Insight Into the Paparazzi Minds (Email to K, 9:20 a.m.)
September 11, 2008


After exiting Hollywood’s most notorious celebrity motel, the Chateau Marmont, the rising star of 90210 2.0 Shenae Grimes was asked by a group of photographers if she could tone down her smiling just a bit. Grimes felt perplexed by the request and asked why wouldn’t they want a photo of her smiling. One photographer said, “We do, but we just want a wide variety of facial reactions. Mad, gassy, sad and so on and so on.” Grimes tried her best to look slightly indifferent, but could only achieve a look of mild exasperation.

For reference (‘cuz I don’t know who this chick is either):

K: gassy?

S: I know, fucking fantastic.