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Funny Cats (and Stuff)
September 23, 2008

You guuuuuuuys! I miss K. I’m bored. Really bored. Really, really, really bored. And I have no P.I.C. to play with! Also, I’m jealous of his Vicodin-induced coma right now. But not the pain, bruising or swelling he will eventually wake up to. K! Come baaaaack!

This is about the time of day I inundate him with funny cat pictures. Well, now YOU, dear viewers, get to look at funny cats! (And funny dogs. And maybe funny politicians.)

(Sorry for all the linking and tabs. Credit where credit is…, etc.)

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more animals

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(OHHH!!! K!!! MY STICK! DO YOU REMEMBER MY STICK?! Oh, I was so cruel to that stick…)

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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Email from K, 10:22 a.m.
August 22, 2008

K: When I climbed Old Rag last week, I experienced this stinging, uncomforable sensation around my groin for the last leg of the hike, like my underwear were pinching. When I got back home I discovered I’d been bitten by an ant on the testicle.

(For the record, this is potentially the best email K has ever sent me.)


First LOLCat of the Day
August 5, 2008

Sometimes the day can go a lot better if you just start out with a LOL.

This be that LOL.


S & K Talk about Monsters
July 31, 2008

K: Mmmmmmmmmmm, dead mummified monster.

S: kinda looks like he was spit-roasted, no?

K: Seriously, though, what the fuck is that?

S: It r Monstir!

K: It’s pretty crazy when viral marketing is taken to this extreme.

S: if it is a viral marketing scheme, it’s being done without the knowledge of anyone who is thusfar involved.

K: I’m intrigued as hell. Also, around it’s wrist–the last remains of it’s clothes/bracelet. Alien? I think so. That’s probably why it’s preserved so well–It’s been entombed in ice somewhere near the north pole or Nova Scotia where it landed thousands of years ago. Yeah. Global warming defrosted it, set it loose in the ocean.

S: It looks roasted, not iced. That’s not freezer burn.

K: no, it’s some kind of alien spaceship reactor burn, a result of the ship’s combustion chemicals leaking into the ice.

S: Now, Mulder, I think you’re overlooking some reasonable scientific explanations here…

K: Shut up, Dana. Stop dragging the party down.

S: SCULLY! He never calls her Dana!

K: I know. He never told her she was bringing down the party, either, at least not in so many words. I was breaking character.

S: You should stay away from acting as a career.

Why So Serious?
July 30, 2008

God, I’m busy at work again today! This is potentially something that may carry over through the next few weeks, especially as the attorney who I assist preps for a major trial. Woot.

So, in lieu of a steady stream of random posts with utter nonsense spewing from the fingertips of K and myself, I bring you what we probably would be doing at work today if we didn’t actually have work to do.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Funny cats:

And, for good measure, two hilarious hamsters:

You’re welcome.