Girls Next Door and Uncensored Chocolate Vaginas

Does anyone other than me watch Girls Next Door on E!? (Heh; posing a question about the E! Network causes confused punctuation!) If you do, and you watched last night, you saw all three of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends give their old-man-boyfriend pieces of their bodies cast in chocolate for his 82nd birthday. Bridgit gave him her boobs, Kendra her butt (in white chocolate with a painted on brown “chocolate starfish”… ew.), and Holly gave him her vagina. That’s right. She had a mold of her vagina (the hairless V between her legs, not the more explicit labia part) made, then cast it in chocolate.

Here’s the really bizarre thing: E! didn’t censor any of it.

A lot was made of the fact that the mold was actually very detailed: you could clearly see in the final product not just the vee made by the tops of her thighs, but her slit and her clit as well. Because there is no hair there to hide anything, natch. And while E! blurred out the center of Kendra’s chocolate butt crack, where she so classily painted in her butthole, when they held that chocolate va-jay-jay up to the camera, you could SEE THE WHOLE THING CLEAR AS DAY.

I’m not mad. A little TMI, sure, but I knew what they were doing (as Holly so readily announced, “I want to make my vagina” about 50 times) and knew that I was going to get an eyeful. I’m just surprised about how much of an eyeful I got. It was only 10 p.m. kiddies; on a Sunday, sure, on cable, sure, after 9 p.m., sure, but I’m 99.9% you can’t show that on television. At least, not without a little blur spot.

Anything to enlighten me on how/why this happened and what/if any fallout there is, would be MUCH appreciated.

And just because I don’t know when I’ll get to say this again:



3 Responses

  1. What I don’t understand, is I tried to search online to see if that Chocolate Shop was shut down by the Health Inspectors after that episode was aired. I work for the Health Dept in Sacramento, and the health inspector of that area would have shut them down and sent them to Food School! Maybe even revoked their permit to operate.

  2. You do realize that they clean the tools and tables after they make the molds, right? In industrial strength dishwashers and with industrial strength cleaners? There is no reason to shut them down, or even be surprised — choclatiers make molds of lots of things all day long. A shop with that kind of reputation keeps itself very, very clean.

    If you really think the health department should shut them down, I recommend you stop eating out entirely. And get some help for your germaphobia.

  3. Personally, I am Googling (I love how that term has become so “normal”) to find out how I can make my own molds. I thought it was a very cute idea…for adults, of course. Not sure that I would go to a candy shop to have it done…but I will definately be enlisting the assistance of my girlfriend to help me make molds of my privates for my husband’s birthday! And I have the Girls Next Door to thank for the idea. Some people need to relax. It’s just a chocolate vagina…how is that appaling or dirty? If men (and women) don’t have a problem performing ***insert “task that I won’t type because it might cause my post to be removed” here*** on them, what’s the big deal with eating a chocolate version? I know my husband will be pleased!

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