PSA From S: An Addendum

Just saw THIS on Gawker, and couldn’t hold my tongue. Not today. Today is a talkin’ (er, typin’?) day.

Gawker tells us:

“Having been the editor-in-chief of teen magazine YM for five years, and now as the mother of a 17-year-old girl myself, there are a few things I know.” What does that sentence tell you? That’s right, it’s time to hear another one of former Star editor Bonnie Fuller’s unique screeds comparing the Presidential race to various moments in celebrity history!

But what exactly say-eth Ms. Fuller?

Sarah Palin may be running for Vice President but is she any different from the woman who sold the story of her daughter Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy to a magazine for $1 million, or from the father that allowed 15-year-old Miley Cyrus to be photographed semi-nude for Vanity Fair supposedly to further her career?

Well, seeing as she’s running for Vice President, she should be.

That is the fundamental problem here, the fundamental problem with the entire campaign McCain is running. Barack Obama is not a celebrity, as much as McCain wishes it were so. Neither is Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, or McCain himself. They are politicians. We know their names because they run our country; they are supposed to speak for us.

If you think Sarah Palin is no different from a woman who was so unable to manage her two daughters’ lives that one of them ended up in the hospital psych ward and the other got pregnant by accident at 16, then you really, really, REALLY need to explain to me why on earth anyone would think she could run a country. Because we’re not talking about some TV and music careers here. We’re talking about controlling the richest, most powerful country on earth. And if her skills are up there with Lynne Spears’, and she gets the reins, we’re all FUCKED.


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