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You can say what you want about Sarah Palin and her maybe-not-her-own son, and her pregnant-out-of-wedlock daughter. Those are scandals and any VP Nominee that comes with such scandals should probably not have been nominated for VP. But there’s other reasons to be wary of Sarah Palin. There’s even reasons to hate her.

And there are A LOT of reasons not to vote for her, or her idiot running mate, John McCain.

Reason #1 is that John McCain nominated her in the first place. The campaign’s unofficial line is that she wasn’t properly vetted. Well, obviously. How anyone vets a governor who hasn’t even finished his or her first term, has only 18 months of governing experience, and who never really set out to have a life of public service and thinks, Gee, that’s the VP for me! has more than questionable judgment. He has, it seems, some sort of weird impulse control problem. This impulse inside him said, “Vagina! Hillary had a vagina, and people loved Hillary! If I pick a vagina to run with me, people will love me!” And then he did it. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want someone with questionable judgment and an impulse control problem running my country. What’s going to happen when Iran wants to pretend it has balls? Bombing, that’s what. And if you missed it, those fuckers are workin’ real hard on a Bomb and it might just be me, but I think they might use it.

Reason #2 is that she is conservative in a way that is no longer functional in this country. Americans have a right to believe what they choose to believe, and they have a right to take those beliefs into consideration when they vote. What they do not have a right to do — and this is spelled out in the Constitution — is use their religious beliefs in their governance. There is a clear directive in the Consitution, known as the Establishment Clause (and which is paired with the Free Excercise Clause), that reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

That is to say, we are allowed to believe what we believe and worship as we will, but that no religion shall be used in government to govern the people — through law, through directive, through anything — because to respect an established religion and to use its tenants and laws in governing the nation, would infringe upon our right to believe and worship as we see fit. Sarah Palin’s dedication to governing through the laws of fundamentalist Christianity is unconsitutional on its face, and should not be tolerated. We have lived through 8 years of religiously motivated government, and where has it gotten us? Nowhere. We’ve gone backwards. Our founding fathers understood the importance of separating Church and State, the fundamental need for the two to remain separate for each institution to operate as it should. I don’t need the woman who is a hair’s breath away from the White House to be a crazy, anti-reproductive rights, Creationsit, govern-by-the-Bible psycho. Enough.

And, plus, as a Jew, I am really, really sick of living under “Jesus’s Law.” For REAL.

And the final of the Big 3 Reasons is Reason #3: She is not qualified, nor ready, to lead this country. Much has been made of Barack Obama’s experience and whether he can govern well based on it. If John McCain genuinely thinks that a man with 7 years serving as a State Senator for Illinois, and then 3 more years serving in the United States Senate, with 12 years of experience teaching constitutional law (as in, teaching about that PIECE OF PAPER THAT ARTICULATES OUR MOST INHERENT AND UNQUESTIONABLE RIGHTS), then HOW THE HELL does John McCain think a person who spent 4 years as MAYOR of a tiny podunk town, and then A YEAR AND A HALF as governor is fit to lead the country? McCain can’t possibly think he’ll actually survive this presidency — aside from being the oldest candidate we’ve ever had, he also has a long and storied history of very powerful, deadly cancer. That Sarah Palin, as his VP, would become President after his death in even the next 4 years, is not an unreasonable assumption to make. And I shiver in my boots imagining her being put in charge of this great land.

As Vice President, you must be ready to lead from the moment you step onto the steps of the White House and smile for the cameras. Sarah Palin is not ready. Sarah Palin has no idea what she is doing; she has no concept of foreign policy, is hopelessly out of touch with the majority of Americans in terms of domestic policies about health care, education, and gun control, and up until recently admitted that she had no idea what a Vice President even does. John McCain has shown the poorest of judgment in making her his VP nominee, and that has NOTHING to do with the bits and pieces she has in her pants. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton, and Hillary would be disgusted with the comparison.

So do your country right. Don’t be fooled by what McCain is trying to tell you is a “maverick” move. What he classifies as “maverick,” any sane person would see as just “stupid.”

Obama/Biden 2008. And I’m serious about that.


4 Responses

  1. Your interpretation of the constitution is obvioiusly biased and flawed. Individuals can use whatever reasons they deem nescessary to vote for whomever they want. If a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Etc… want to make their voting decisions based off of their religious convictions then they have every right to do so and no one can say anything different. If the governing establishment (meaning Congress) is officially stating that the Christian religion is the state religion and that their convictions are the nations convictions, then yes that would be a violation of seperation of church and state.

    This whole idea that religious values shouldn’t be in politics is fascist, prejudice, and against religious freedoms.

  2. If you noticed, or if you went back and read what I wrote, I said that we can vote based on whatever beliefs we want. It is when we GOVERN by our religion that I have a problem with it.

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  4. If you had any sense at all you would know that anyone with a strong religious belief, be it christian, muslim, or jewish, uses the morals and values brought forth in their religion as a roadmap in everything they do and say, whether they are a street cleaner or a congressman.

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