Movie Villains in the A.M.

K: Hey, look at this.

S: Ok:

1. Agent Smith rules. Seriously. Favorite part of all Matrix Movies = Agent Smith (Hello, Mr. Anderson…)

2. HAHA FRANK BOOTH. Dennis Hopper was on a rerun of Colbert, I think, yesterday, which I was listening to as I cooked dinner, and he was asying his son has no idea what a wild man he was in his early years and always tells him that he should let people get to know “the real Dennis Hopper” and Dennis was like, “Um, yeah, see…”

3. They put T-1000 in one of those lame-ass commercials where they have movie characters talk about high speed internet or some shit and that’s blasphemy.

4. Oh my god, Misery totally scarred me when I first saw it.

5. As did Snow White, actually. But I bounced back.

6. I STILL don’t get all this tongue bathing for No County For Old Men. Javier Bardem was creepy, sure, but I thought he could have been way more… better. Shut up.

7. I’d have ranked The Joker higher, but they didn’t ask me.

8. I don’t know if I’d have put Lord Voldemort at #1, but again they didn’t ask me.

And mad props to putting the wicked witch on there.

K: Why is Alex from Clockwork Orange not even on the list?

S: I don’t know? Maybe because he’s not necessarily 100% a villain? Because by the end of the movie you (or, rather, I) have some sympathy for him?

Or because they’re stupid?

I caught half an episode of Law & Order the other night starring Malcom McDowell as the bad guy. Recorded it. Can’t wait to watch the whole thing.

God, we must seem so interesting to all 11 of you.



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