Look, I Never Intended To Like Rachel Zoe…

Ok, so Rachel Zoe is kinda annoying and weird, right? I mean, she’s anorexically thin, tanned to a fine leather, weirdly wrinkly for her age, and has thrust upon us some of the more annoying fashion trends of the last 7 or so years. But here’s the thing. She filmed a reality show for Bravo. And some of it leaked. You can watch 21 minutes of leakage HERE. And at the end of it, I challenge you not to agree:

She actually seems kinda… cool.

Or maybe really cool. And she certainly does keep a lot of awesome clothes around. And I love clothes. And I love to shop. So maybe we have more in common than I thought.

But the thing of it is, she seems like a reasonable and nice person who genuinely loves what she does. And she doesn’t even treat her staff like crap!

Dammit, Rachel Zoe. We were s’pposed to remain enemies forever!



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