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Shut Up, Sean Penn: Email to K, 10:04 a.m.
August 29, 2008


“I’m not supporting Nader for president… I will reluctantly vote for Obama.” — Sean Penn.

You know, he might make good movies and all that stuff, but Sean Penn is a TOOL.

K: I concur. But damn if he isn’t awesome in front of and behind the camera.

S: His moviemaking awesomeness is no longer justifying his TOOL-ness as much as it used to, though. Douche.

K: I try not to judge someone’s ability to portray an interesting character by their lameness of their own character

S: You are a better man than I.

Of course, I am not a man.

New World Obama: Emails to and from K, 8:57 a.m.
August 29, 2008


K: This is awesome. I’m keeping it.


August 28, 2008


Ok, they can if the attorney she works for has another big case, but in the mean time she is back and OH MY GOD INTERNETS HOW SHE HAS MISSED YOU.

This post is S’s way of saying: Updates Shall Resume Now.


Email from K, 10:22 a.m.
August 22, 2008

K: When I climbed Old Rag last week, I experienced this stinging, uncomforable sensation around my groin for the last leg of the hike, like my underwear were pinching. When I got back home I discovered I’d been bitten by an ant on the testicle.

(For the record, this is potentially the best email K has ever sent me.)


This Guy is Clearly A Retard (Email from K, 8:55 a.m.)
August 22, 2008

K: Look at this.


“You gotta understand,” said Worley. “I lived through the Beatles era and saw them perform live many times, so I think I’ve earned the right to speak on the subject.”

Um. No. You clearly have not.

“Keep in mind the Beatles were together 10 years but much of their success hinged on the mystique surrounding them.”

Um. No. Actually, the Beatles’ seeming accessibility to — despite their actual distance from — their fans is a great reason why they out-populared other bands of the time.

“If you have ever been to a JoBros show you would know what I mean,” he said. “They electrify the crowd with their performance in an almost supernatural fashion. Now John Lennon and McCartney were good, but they just lacked that connection with their audience.”

Um. No. You have clearly never ACTUALLY been to a Beatles concert, Weird Guy. I’d be happy to lend you my copy of the Anthology to help you along.

“People argue with me all the time,” said Worley. “They say a 68 year old man shouldn’t even be going to a Jonas Brother show. I fire right back at them that I will go where I want and that’s to see the greatest band ever assembled, the Jonas Brothers. If they persist in giving me a hard time I kindly tell them to keep their opinions to themselves.”

I think that hits on exactly where he’s so very, very wrong (aside from all the other ways he’s so very, very wrong): The Beatles were not an “assembled” band. They were a band-band. They made themselves. All by themselves.

Also, I would like to reiterate his own sentiment back at him: Please, for the love of god, Weird Guy, KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.

K: pedophile.

S: Ha!


August 22, 2008

S is back! She does not have to be in stupid court, in the stupid freezing cold courtroom, drawing stupid doodles on the back of stupid spreadsheets and thinking of ways to get out of this stupid job. No, she gets to sit at her desk and revel in her internets and the companionship of K (who she has dearly missed being so, so far away), and all the things that made this lazy-ass job great in the first place.

Of course, she has to go back on Monday, but there are three nights and two days of drinking to be done before then.


Hi There, Moonie!
August 14, 2008

This is a rare moment of down-time for me. The overtime hours are piling up for K and I both. But in this moment, I present to you: A weird debate fight with a mooning professor. Enjoy!


K and S Will Be Scarce ‘Round These Parts…
August 11, 2008

I genuinely bemoan the irony that I started this blog a mere week or two before getting the biggest workload of my entire time here at this place that I work. It is non-stop preparation for a trial, and then the trial itself, so posts will be few and far between. I am so sorry, mostly because I already sincerely miss my internets time.

But, just so you know, things I really, really care about this week are:

That’s right. The Olympics are here, and it be time for WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS. Last night’s qualifying round gave me several heart attacks (NASTIA DOES NOT FALL ON BARS, OK? SHE JUST DOESN’T. No more fucking up!!!), and the finals should be even better. So, yeah. Working too hard at work, sitting obsessively in front of Olympic sports at home. I’m a nerd.

Also: the relay? AMAZING. Suck it, Frenchies!

Um, Wow.
August 8, 2008


K: That is like my dream come true.

What I Didn’t Do At Work Yesterday…
August 8, 2008

…Was post in this blog. That’s because K and I are literally swamped with work for the lawyer we assist.

This will be over at some point. I will do my best to entertain.