K Redeems His X-Files-bility

K: Okay, how’s this, Scully:

“Fact: after animal control was called, no one showed up. Why? Either they didn’t care–which, frankly, I find hard to believe; working in animal control isn’t the most lucrative business, and I can’t imagine why they would ignore potential customers–they were told not to come by someone with not just a little power and authority, or the call never reached animal control in the first place. Fact: onlookers claimed an old man, yet to be identified, made off with the caracass. This is called plausible deniability. I would have thought that after all we’ve been through, you’d be familiar with concept. I also would have thought that, after all we’ve been through, we would have boned by now.”

How’s that?

S: I think you should ask Chris Carter for a job.

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