Fo’ Shizzle Mah Hin-dizzle

Gawker, you light up my life. They’re reporting that Snoop Dogg has been named America’s muscial ambassador to India:

When a business has completely saturated one market, it can either die out or expand into another market. I think it’s safe to say that rap-as-pop-music has reached its tipping point in terms of US commercial appeal. Luckily there’s a billion people in India who have yet to embrace pimpology! Rappers in America have been stealing Indian music for beats for quite a while now, but the relationship hasn’t been reciprocal. Snoop Dogg is on the kizzle, though, coming to Mumbizzle with a suitcase full of mizzle (marketing strategies).

Snoop, they report, is also concerned with India’s taste for older music, specificially Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Life is hard on the subcontinent, y’know? People are poor, there’s a lot of celebrations and Gods to please, and there’s a lot of glean left over from the Maharishi, y’know? But never fear, all you funky Hindus and Muslims out there! Snoop is comin’ to your hometown to teach you how to get your pimp on.

Werd up.


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